In 2007 around 500 Vedic Pandits (traditional exponents of ancient vedic wisdom from India trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) resided in the specially builty campus in Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa.  The pandits practiced vedic ceremonies designed to create peace in the world.

These photogaphs were taken in October and November at the end of the Vedic festival “The Nine Days of Mother Divine”.

The pandits create statues of the vedic deities out of clay for these celebrations. At the end of the 9 day celebration, it is customary to put the statues in water.

In the photos you will see the pandits moving the statues from their campus to a nearby pond where they were duly sunk.

The first two images are of the burning of of an efigy of the demon king Ravana.

I apologize that the last few images are blurry. My camera just didn’t have the low light capabilities in those days.

This presentation is dedicated to Jefferson Aikens who did so much to support the pandits including organizing these celebrations. 

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