Fairfield Community Orchard Apple Picking Day

Fairfield, Iowa, USA, October 2023: The Fairfield Community Orchard was established on Earth Day, 2012. It’s located along the Fairfield loop trail near Chautauqua Park Park. There are approximately 50 trees in the orchard. 

Orchard managers Dora Pollack and Avi Pogel invited to the community to attend an end of season apple picking day on an early October Sunday.

A few weeks ealier volunteers had harvested over 300lbs of apples to donate to local food charities. Local community members had been able to pick apples freely since that time.  Most of the apples from the lower branches had been picked so on October 1st ladders and apple pickers (rods with a basket at the end) were provided so the remaining apples on the higher branches could be picked. 

Volunteers from the local community came to pick apples including quite a few international students from the local university. Apples were collected to donate to local food charities and every volunteer went home with apples!

A young volunteer climbs a ladder to pick the remaining apples from the higher branches.

The orchard contains not just apples. Here walnuts are being picked using a picker.

A young volunteer tries out the apple picker.

Several international students from the local campus helped out.

Orchard custodian Avi Pogel shares a pawpaw (native papaya like fruit) with a volunteer.

Orchard custodian Dora Pollack.

Apples are donated to local food charities.

The orchard has sevaral varieties of apples.

Volunteers take an apple munching break.

Orchard custodian Dora surveys the day’s pickings. 

Volunteer chooses his apples to take home.

The trees are almost bare and it’s time to pack up the ladders and head home.

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